Chairman and Non Executive Directors

Our Chairman

Avner Danielli

Avner Danielli is co-founder of one of Australia’s leading technology distribution companies, POS POS Pty Ltd. After more than ten years as its Chief Executive Officer, he became, in 2010, its sole chairman. In addition, Avner is a successful property developer and he also holds a diverse portfolio of business interests in the health and hi-tech industries.

Fundamental to Avner’s belief is the importance in the sharing of knowledge we have accumulated in our own life’s experiences and which can be used to support, help and guide others. His greatest privilege of leadership is the chance to see people he mentors achieve their goals.

Both an inspiring strategic thinker and successful entrepreneur, Avner believes that “true leaders spend their days helping those around them manifest their highest potential whilst working towards a vision that adds value to the world at large.”

As Chairman of Believe In Yourself, Avner is honoured to share his vast knowledge in leadership and to work with the Believe In Yourself team.

Our Non-Executive Directors

Doug gimesy

Doug Gimesy is the founder of the consultancy firm The Framing Effect and has over 20 years of marketing and communications experience.

A graduate of the Institute of Company Directors, a certified practicing marketer and a fellow of the Australian Institute of Marketing, Doug also holds a masters degree in bioethics and a Masters of Environment from the University of Melbourne, specialising in Governance, Policy and Communication.

In addition to working with The Framing Effect, Doug is also a guest lecturer on Science Communication at the University of Melbourne as well as a sessional tutor in Marketing and Society; a sessional teaching associate at Monash University where he teaches Management Ethics, Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility; a member of the Southern Health Human Research Ethics Committee. Doug is also Head Governor of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Australia.


A leading medical doctor for more than 20 years, John’s specialist experience in medicine covers both Intensive Care and Anaesthetics, and he now works in one of Australia’s leading government hospitals in New South Wales.

Yet as a young man, parents, family and friends alike were against him attempting to gain a place at university to study Medicine. But no matter how difficult, John was determined to prove them wrong, even though he knew failure would reflect badly on him. Graduating as a doctor changed his life and his belief in himself.

Extremely passionate about any cause close to his heart, it is because of his own personal experiences which came from believing in himself when no one else did, that John wholeheartedly supports both the importance and the objectives of Believe in Yourself.

John has also been involved in the not-for-profit sector for many years, having held numerous non-executive positions with organisations.


A lawyer and businessman for more than 25 years, his global experience in business covers acting in litigation matters, commercial dealings, family, property and finance.

Eric’s pro bona work includes the position of Vice President of the Technion Society of Australia, Israel’s oldest university and its top university for science, engineering and technology, and he also provides advisory assistance to the trade committee of the Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce, one of Australia’s largest and most active.

Eric is a passionate advocate of Believe In Yourself: he lives by the opinion in that one’s confidence and belief in oneself is a mandatory requirement and by far the major contribution to one’s achievements.